Transformers 2 concept art online

Is this Megatron’s new robot form?

Some likely new concept art from Transformers sequel Revenge Of The Fallen has been shoved online.

While we’re hesitant to call anything here 100% official, the new image of Megatron (who we hear is dredged up from the ocean floor to aid the Autobots in fighting a new, worse threat) certainly ties in with current information.

This time around, it looks like the evil robot menace will transform into a tank - and you can see all the images in our gallery.


Less successful, in our Transformers-loving opinion is the look of what is being labelled Ravage.

Fans of the original Transformers ‘toons will know that Ravage is the panther-like ‘bot who travelled as a tape contained within fellow Decepticon Soundwave, alongside Laserbeak and who usually preferred to stay in his animalistic form.

And though he certainly looks nasty here, he also seems more than a little designed.

Of course, these could both be smokescreens generated by Michael Bay’s paranoia department, but the leaks are starting to become more regular. Now we just need a trailer. Or an official pic. Come on Mike – how about it?

[Source: Transformers Live Action Movie Blog ]