Top 7... weirdest Street Fighter insults

From scary to stupid, we kick off Street Fighter Week with a look at the series' most ludicrous victory disses

Guile's signature dis is memorable for three reasons: one, it's a dismissive, emasculating thing to say to someone whose face you've just turned into a pulpy mass of scar tissue. Two, he's ordering his opponents to pursue the life he left behind when he walked out on his wife and daughter. And three, he says it to Chun-Li. He says it to Chun-Li a lot. And when he doesn't say that, he asks her if she's "man enough" to fight him.

Either Guile is convinced she's hiding something, or he hates women. And frankly, given the way he mercilessly batters his way through female fighters and leaves his family in the lurch so he can run off to Thailand and avenge a war buddy, we're leaning toward the latter possibility. There's also this incriminating picture to consider:

See how he reacts to the sight of an empowered woman? That, friends, is textbook misogyny. Throw rocks at him - it's better than he deserves.


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