Top 7... weirdest Street Fighter insults

From scary to stupid, we kick off Street Fighter Week with a look at the series' most ludicrous victory disses

Given Russian bear-wrestler Zangief's usual portrayal as a friendly oaf with a strong sense of justice, it seems out of character for him to threaten enemies with grievous bodily harm after he's defeated them. To understand this, though, you have to understand something about Zangief: he's not just a world-famous wrestler - he's also a steroid-addled Soviet freakshow who grapples with hairy mountains of claws and teeth and biting and death for fun.

In fact, his hobby has become such a singular obsession that his brain has started applying the following litmus test every time he meets a new opponent:

So, see, it's not that Zangief's trying to be mean. It's that he automatically assumed he was fighting a bear. And after his non-bear opponent throws in the towel faster than any self-respecting bear would, Zangief comes away distraught and confused. "Next time," Zangief promises himself as he chokes back bitter tears of disappointment, "I will be sure. And I should probably tell my opponent that so they will not be surprised when I… check."


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