Top 7... weirdest Street Fighter insults

From scary to stupid, we kick off Street Fighter Week with a look at the series' most ludicrous victory disses

This is a relatively lame quote from Akuma, a (possibly) demon-possessed murderer with near-infinite power, and technically it's not even from a Street Fighter game. But we included it anyway, because it's the only time we've ever seen Akuma backpedal away from doing something evil. It's as though he caught himself mid-thought, realized he just said something that made him sound really bad, and then hastily added a sheepish, "Not that I'd ever do that!"

For the record, this is a guy who:

- Killed Ryu and Ken's master (and his own brother) out of spite.
-Destroyed a deep-sea submarine with a hurricane kick, just because it was there.
-Split Ayer's Rock in half for no reason.
- Has a signature special move known popularly as the "Instant Hell Murder," which reputedly rips out its victims' souls and sends them rocketing straight to hell.
- Is fixated on the idea of series hero Ryu turning as evil as he is, just so he'll have someone interesting to fight.

In short, he's a snarling, world-class asshole who murders most of the people he meets and wants to train himself to create natural disasters with his bare hands, just because he can. But smacking babies? Oh no. Oh no no no. He'd never do that, and even though he thinks you suck, he cares enough about what you think to make sure you know he'd never do that.

Which to us is a clear indicator that, when he thinks he's safe from prying eyes, smacking babies is pretty much all Akuma ever does.


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