Top 7 Digital Drinks

Impress your friends with our ultra geeky imbibes

Mike Tyson's Lights-Out Punch-Out!!

8 cups ginger ale
8 cups vodka
4 cups Hawaiian punch
4 scoops of raspberry ice cream
1 can thawed lemonade concentrate
4 cups frozen strawberries

Mix ingredients in punchbowl. Add frozen strawberries before serving.

What's harder than beating Mike Tyson on this NES classic? Try having a drink each time the Dynamite Kid knocks you to the canvas. Whether you help Little Mac become the new champion or utterly disappoint your trainer, Doc Louis, everyone is a winner when it comes to this potent punch.

Just make sure you don't have too much or you'll wind up having nightmares about Mr. Sandman coming to get you.

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