Top 7 Digital Drinks

GamesRadar and the Flaming Goblet of Fire

1 part brandy
1 part peppermint schnapps
1 part sloe gin
1 cap cough syrup (grape flavor)
1 scrap of paper with your arch nemesis' name written on it

Add brandy. Add schnapps. Add gin. Add cough syrup. Mix. Write your arch nemesis' name on a scrap of paper. Light drink carefully and add scrap of paper to the flames. Enjoy.

Based in part on the Flaming Homer, an infamous drink from one of our favorite Simpsons episodes, and our favorite Harry Potter movie, GamesRadar and the Flaming Goblet of Fire is as delicious as it is deadly. There's a slight chance that creating this concoction will trap your arch nemesis in a dangerous magical contract requiring encounters with dragons and embarrassing moments at the prom. But it's more likely that you'll be left with a headache and a broomstick when you wake up the next morning. Please exercise restraint when indulging in this potent brew.