Top 7 Digital Drinks

Hosting a party can be a real chore. You've got to clean up, prepare food, choose music, and hide all the dead bodies if you want your guests to have a good time. Or, if you're lazy like us, you can get them liquored up to the point where they don't even notice the dead bodies, saving you hours of cleanup time. The next time you host a LAN or Mario party, skip all the dirty work and impress your friends with some ultra geeky imbibes by serving up our Top 7 Digital Drinks.

Above: As you can see, a regular shuriken will not do. Make sure to use a small one

Shinobi Sake Bombs

1 shot of sake
1 glass of beer
1 small shuriken
Drop shot of sake into glass of beer. Add small shuriken. Drink very cautiously.

Ninjas live a life filled with peril and sharp metal objects. If you can down three Shinobi Sake Bombs in a row without lodging a small shuriken in your throat, then you'll be one step closer to beating Ninja Gaiden on Very Hard Mode and three steps closer to alcoholism.