This week's hottest new releases

GR's companion site reveals how it's spending its allowance

GamesRadar's more studious, business-focused sibling Next Generation ( has been kind enough to remind us what games we're all slavering to dash into stores and pick up this week. We recommend checking outthe NextGenshopping list by clickinghere(it'll open in a new window).

However, we'd also suggest you should wait until later this week, when you've read GamesRadar's full-sized reviewsof each game before slapping down your hard-earned mad money on any particular title. Just in case something other than Jaws Unleashed smells like fish.In the meantime, feel free to check out more of both NextGen and GamesRadar, and see just how clever and well-informed you can become.

Above: Steambot Chronicles is perfect for those who wish their cars could walk and punch one another.


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