The Simpsons Game - hands-on

3) Shadow of the Colossal Donut
This level is like an epic boss battle against Lard Boy, who Kang and Kodos have brought to life like the Ghostbusters' Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. He has three hatches on his back, which Bart can hit to open and expose his wires. Then, as Homer, you must find one of the tanks of helium and use it to float up to the hatch and disconnect his wiring.

Play as: Homer and Bart
Game it's most like: Shadow of the Colossus (of course).
Enemies: A giant stomping Lard Boy and lots of wind-up, EA-branded, mini Krusty the Clown toys.
Best bit: Blowing Homer up like a balloon.
Soundbite: Homer: "Have you ever wondered what our lives would be like if we were gypsy kings? I have!"