The Simpsons Game - hands-on

We've played a fair few Simpsons games in our time. It goes with the job - there have been so many they're hard to avoid, like the Army Men games, or Dynasty Warriors (just considerably better). But none have really gone down as classics in the Videogaming Bible of all Things Great (if such a thing existed obviously).

It looks like this might be about to change, however, with a game that comes from both the company who (arguably) knows most about videogames, EA, and the people who (unarguably) know the most about the Simpsons: its writers. The Simpsons Game - which is coming out on every format known to man, except PC - brings both forces together in a game that's shaping up to have everything a Simpsons fan could ever want.

Bits of the game were shown to us and we had the opportunity to get exclusive hands-on time with the near-finished title. Enough time to play through half of the game in fact. And we enjoyed it so much, we're going to talk you through the first few levels.

There be spoilers present from here on out. So read at your own risk.

1) Bartman Begins
Bart and Homer dive down a manhole in the street late at night and end up coming out in the city museum just as Nelson and pals are breaking in. Bart - who's just discovered his Bartman ability - decides to play superhero and stop them. This Tomb Raider influenced level has plenty of pressure pads, levers and climbing.

Play as: Bart and Homer
Game it's most like: The title might imply Batman 0 and Bart does discover his nifty flying cape 0 but this is a Tomb Raider homage through and through.
Enemies: Museum security guards
Best bit: When Bart shouts, "Homer, I need your fat ass up here" when he needs something to counter-weight a dinosaur exhibit so he can climb up to a higher platform.
Soundbite: Bart: "Open sesame!" Homer: "I didn't know you spoke Greek."