The Simpsons Game - hands-on

Above: Rockstar reportedly wasn't pleased with the promotional poster. But it's nice to see Helen Lovejoy finally get what's coming to her

5) Grand Theft Scratchy
Marge is on a mission to re-paint the houses in this run-down neighbourhood. And to change the music being broadcast by the local radio station to something less aggressive. As Marge, you must recruit passers-by to your mob and direct them to houses, while Lisa's role is to see off the gangs using her saxophone and one-punch kill power.

Play as: Marge and Lisa
Game it's most like: Grand Theft Auto (Doh!)
Enemies: Gangs of Itchys and Scratchys wearing tracksuits and carrying baseball bats
Best bit: Using Maggie to crawl through an air vent to reach the radio station and change the gangsta rap to classical music.
Soundbite: Random kid: "This tuneful melody is burning my ears!"