The rudest cheats - Part 2

We recently laid bare seven of the rudest cheats and patches we could find, including everything from BloodRayne II's "Juggy Mode" to nude WoW dancing and naked lesbian Sims.

Turns out, we were just skimming the surface of a very deep bucket of lewd and lascivious game content, and, due to the massive response our first exposé received, we dove in for more. When we surfaced, we’d pulled out five more cheats and patches which we think are the rudest ones yet. And, of course, we’ll tell you exactly how to do them. In fact, a couple of them you can try for yourself right now with downloadable demos.

For a preview of what’s in store for you in this edition, check out our video below. When you’ve had your fill, hit the next page tab on the left to reveal the details behind each game’s cheat. Do keep in mind that, while our video and screens are censored, we call them “rude” for a reason. View at your own risk of being scolded by your boss or banned from the internet for life by your mom.

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