The Precursors

Sept 5, 2007

Developer Deep Shadows is pretty busy making games these days. Made using the same engine as Just Cause/GTA-‘em-up White Gold (even so far as to share an inventory screen layout), The Precursors is attempting to dance the dangerous trans-genre tango: a sci-fi first-person shooter to begin with, set across several open environments, but turning into a space romp with Freelancer-inspired sections, in which you take part in full-on spaceship warfare with lasers and explosions.

We’ve seen Tatooine-style settlements, populated with AI-people going about their AI-controlled AI-business, while outside the city walls roam some big ol’ mutants. We’ve also seen spaceships zipping through space in as predictably impressive a manner as could possibly be imagined. Each planet is set to host a massive chunk of content, in terms of both gameplay and physical size, and there will be between six and eight (it’s yet to be decided) of these planets to discover.

The Precursors’ biggest draw is this ability to go from fighting on a planet’s surface to fighting in a planet’s orbit, and although the transition isn’t seamless (instead, in what we personally find a massive disappointment, it takes one loading screen to get into your ship, and another to get into space), the fact that these two drastically different playing styles are being juggled is something that will pique the interests of fans of both the FPS and space shooter genre.


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