The Legend of Okami

Cats hate water. Dogs generally seem to dig it, but wolf-goddess Amaterasu whines like a little bitch (would you look at that - the word used correctly) and shakes when she finally gets out of the drink. Link, normally pretty quiet about diving in, really seems to hate the endless sea that's covered the planet in Wind Waker. Hey, they can't all be major similarities - some are just for fun.

Above: Water - giver of life, enemy of ancient heroes everywhere.

Pot crazy

Breaking crates is the backbone of oh, about 90% of games out there, but Zelda generally keeps the wanton destruction in the realm of hand-crafted pots. Not to be outdone, Okami turns you loose on all manner of unlucky pottery - what could people have possibly left in this one pot set in the middle of a prairie? Better bust it into pieces and take whatever pops out... in whichever game you end up playing.