The Legend of Okami

With a title like The Wind Waker, control of air currents is a given. But why, exactly, would a wolf goddess be able to do the same? You'll gain many reality-warping powers throughout the adventure, but once we plopped the Celestial Brush down and altered the wind flow, we couldn't help but think "Wind Waker," Link's magical baton that does the very same thing.

Above: Wolves and elves can apparently bend the wind to their own will.

Swirly currents

Floating right alongside this godlike power are the swirly, twirly air currents that freely traverse through both worlds. At any point in Okami or Wind Waker you can stop, look up in the sky and see scores of airy whips scuttling across the countryside. It's a cute effect that further links the two animated adventures - just don't get lost staring out into the vast nothingness of Waker's endless ocean.

Brett Elston

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