The Legend of Okami

Overly happy dancing men

We don't want to stop the party, but eccentric, sake-downing dancers tend to make us ask a few questions. Not as many, perhaps, as the rainbow-donning disco man standing on a cliff on Windfall Island, but seeing two dudes shake it like they're being broadcast across the world is enough to make us quietly walk away. At least Mr. Orange in Okami is dancing to restore a giant tree - the other guy's just happy to be alive. Well, fair enough.

Above: Link's expression says it all.

There are bound to be even more not-so-obvious moments of copycatting in Okami, but at this point we're inclined to let sleeping dogs lie. Make no mistake - we love Okami. It might end up being our favorite PS2 game of the year. But we sure do like our Zelda too, and couldn't resist the opportunity to trumpet Okami one last time. Or maybe we just wanted to fire up Wind Waker again.

Brett Elston

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