The Legend of Okami

Busybody townsfolk are part of any adventure, and Zelda's are among the busybodiest. They're running around with things stacked on their heads, complaining about seemingly random things (that later turn out to be invaluable clues) or, it would appear, be concerned with how much newspaper is strewn about the floor.

Yes, towns filled with bird-people show up in both Okami and Wind Waker. This is one of the more shocking connections we found while playing, because how many third-person adventure games involving ancient prophecies and animated visuals have all the previous similarities and a village of feathered townies? Truly suspect.

Above: Some are nice, some are pushy. All are birds.

Animal shenanigans

Anyone who was around for A Link to the Past remembers being assaulted by furious chickens. All you did was hit them with swords and bombs and sides of barns, and they freak out in a swarm of bloodthirsty rage. Please. Chickens do appear in Okami, along with most of the animal kingdom, and they don't quite fight back in the same way.

Pigs, especially, caught our eye. In Wind Waker, Windfall Island is home to a group of happy-go-lucky pigs that are just begging to be messed with. Granted, they are excessively cute and we certainly don't condone throwing adorable animals off of cliffs, but it sure is fun here. Okami too, lets you harass the animals with little to no repercussions. Check thevideo for more.

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