The baddest bosses of Def Jam: FFNY

Lil' Kim
The most instantly recognizable of all the women, rapper Lil' Kim, is also the most dangerous. She's super-quick and tough like leather. Her "lady satchels" are a shade distracting, too.

Cindy J
Has the strongest upper-body strength of all the ladies, and the speed to match. She's a solid all-rounder and can give the guys a good run for their money.

Her top may look like it's been customized with a pair of scissors, but Shawnna is a cut above when it comes to charisma- meaning she's an undisputed crowd favorite.

This kimono-wearing gal can really take a beating thanks to her high stamina, and she's got the leg power to cause some serious damage. She can kimono-ver to our place any time.