The baddest bosses of Def Jam: FFNY

Fight... Magic
Thankfully you get to fight Busta Rhy… sorry, "Magic" in a parking lot full of interactive spots. Get straight at him and chuck him into the cars around the arena, but beware his submission moves.

Fight... Bonecrusher
Like all giant strongmen, this fella is super-tough, but slow. Reverse his constant grapple attempts and pick him off with some stinging quick strikes. He'll drop like a flabby stone.

Fight... Mack 10
One of the more average fighters that you’ll come across. Just don’t do anything stupid - like forgetting to block - and you really shouldn’t have a problem here.

Fight... Xzibit
The X-man has a filthy habit of sticking his knee into your nose, so reverse his clinches. Fling him into the environmental hotspots and use the host of weapons to wear him down.

Fight... David Banner
He's another example of brawn over speed, which makes him prone to running attacks and counter moves. But don't get caught up in one of his combos or you'll be chewing concrete in no time.

Fight... Henry Rollins
He'll usually try to break you down with a series of strikes, so make sure you've got your defensive head screwed on. Dodge and block, then get him into a grapple to defeat him.

Fight... Memphis Bleek
This guy's a solid all-rounder. He favors punches and kicks, but block these strikes for too long and he'll go in for the grapple. Reverse this and you'll have him licked.

Fight... Ghostface Killah
Despite trying his best to mimic the Craig David parody from Bo Selecta (see the kestrel on his wrist), GK is a tough customer. Fortunately, you can kick him through the rails for a quick ring-out.

Fight... N.O.R.E.
One of the only fighters in the game to really mix up his attacks and keep you on your toes. There are a fair few environmental spots to ram him into. Do that, then pummel him with strikes.