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Top 7... Failed futures of gaming
Remember all that amazing stuff they promised us in the ‘90s? None of it happened.

BioShock 2 Super Review
Charlie dares to say it’s better than the original – hear his breathless rationalization and how 2K paid him for it!

Dante’s Inferno review
God of War expert Mikel Reparaz explains how and why Dante is a pale imitation, but still worth playing.

NES commercials from around the world
Other languages are funny! Let’s laugh at them as we stumble through our own native tongue.

Question of the Week
What in-game item or object would you love to have in the real world? Let us know in the forums and we could read your response next week!

In the office

Above: We’ve got a new podcast room, and we promise it’s not some kind of reprimand 

Above: For the first time ever, GR’s sending out real Platinum Chalice awards to our game-of-the-year winners

In the community

Above: The most anyone will ever laugh at this movie, thanks to Graboids

Above: Tygerclaws kept his name in mind while turning Tyler Wilde into Tyger Wilde. Creepy!

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Post date: February 12, 2010
T-Dar 88 length: 2:24:25
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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  • Spybreak8 - March 3, 2010 9:40 a.m.

    Yes, just finished the podcast and wanted to say it was another great one. I really enjoyed those old Nintendo ads, hilarious. Man the 80s were bad but man the 90s were bad too. To think we'll say the naughts were bad some day, augh. Was blown away when you showed the Solitaire part from Mass Effect 2 which I posted in the forums that nobody understood the reference lol.
  • Spybreak8 - March 2, 2010 4:55 a.m.

    Wooo dlin now, can't wait to start off my week haha.
  • chinesef000d - February 19, 2010 3:22 a.m.

    I love these guys... The cold hand dude was hilarious! What's the song at 1:46:10?
  • TURbo - February 15, 2010 12:27 a.m.

    Great podcast. Just listened to podcast 48, where Brett Elston said Bioshock 2 is a game that won't come out for another 8 months. 1:10:54-56
  • damunsta - February 14, 2010 4:06 p.m.

    I thought it was interesting in bioshock 2 realizing how cruel and twisted Lamb actually is and how far she is willing to go.
  • OnyxOblivion - February 14, 2010 1:30 p.m.

    Felt shorter to me. Great job team! I'm giving you all bonuses.
  • TedDidlio - February 14, 2010 4:35 a.m.

    In that image of Tyler, he looks like a guido with poorly applied make up.
  • TedDidlio - February 14, 2010 4:18 a.m.

    Duke. Lom. F*cking. Bardi. My back was starting to hurt, thank god talkradar finally supplied me with some Lombard' support. Heyoooo.
  • DrRock - February 13, 2010 9:10 p.m.

    Can't wait to listen. Too bad the parents are back to keep Chris in line.
  • onewingedantista - February 13, 2010 7:46 p.m.

    @GamesRadarChrisAntista: I dugg ur mom lolz
  • DrDevious - February 13, 2010 7:45 p.m.

  • OneEyedGoon - February 13, 2010 9:39 a.m.

    Hah! The triumphant return of a certain revooer! YES!
  • DrDevious - February 13, 2010 3:35 a.m.

    Ironically, I started to make a solitaire salesman slideshow video today. Ill get it up as soon as I can!
  • vogler1604 - February 13, 2010 1:40 a.m.

  • Ridgley - February 13, 2010 1:30 a.m.

    and god said," Let there be dar."
  • 435 - February 13, 2010 1:17 a.m.

    reCAPTCHA: I'm obsessed ...So true. ._. YAY WEEKEND HAS BEGUN! \^-^/
  • camelfro - February 13, 2010 1:08 a.m.

    wow tigerwylde freakin insane! time for the 'DAR
  • TheWebSwinger - February 13, 2010 12:54 a.m.

    All star 'caster line up. Hell yes.
  • WayByWind - February 13, 2010 12:47 a.m.

    I nominate "It's not pedophilia if you love them" for Quote of the Week.
  • CH3BURASHKA - February 13, 2010 12:24 a.m.

    Finally, 88: the year Chris's momma learned to skate. The Bioshock 2 ad is right next to the podcast image, so it provides a nice venue for comparison. Chris makes an excellent sista.

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