TalkRadar 56 - mystery and science

Atari history, interviews with the MST3K crew and a special guest from Giant Bomb

Top 7... game legends we never want to hear again%26ndash; well, let%26rsquo;s hear them one more time so we can have a podcast this week.

Prototype, inFamous stupidness continues%26ndash; so we have Giant Bomb%26rsquo;s Brad Shoemaker hop on Skype and help us sort it all out.

Win a FREE copy of InkHeart%26ndash; tell us which videogame story you never want to appear in, win a DVD of what we guess is technically the fourth Mummy movie.

Win a FREE Futura Gamer%26rsquo;s Desk!%26ndash; whoever has the saddest, most disorganized laptop work area wins this handy desk. Make with the pictures!

We%26rsquo;ve got TWENTY RiffTrax DVDs for ya!%26ndash; all you have to do is make fun of other people%26rsquo;s work!

Question of the Week%26ndash; What%26rsquo;s your nerdiest gaming moment? What game or series made you totally geek out every time?

Above: Charlie and the Barrattones has a six-album recording deal thanks to Aeshir

Above: ELpork spent the week blending the finest sweat and musk for his first batch of TalkRadar cologne

Above: Did you know Chris Antista smells like pizza? ChrisAntistaSmellsLikePizza sure did

Above: %26ldquo;They%26rsquo;re Pac-Man ghosts you son of a bitch!%26rdquo; brought to life thanks to the tireless efforts of rafa_slash

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Post date: June 19, 2009
T-Dar 56 length: 2:50:58
Quote of the week: But does UFC have a wife arm?
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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