TalkRadar 53 - GTA Disney?

All about Gay Tony, the history of Disney rap and the most accurate E3 predictions money can bribe

Top 7%26hellip; games we want announced at E3 2009%26ndash; amazingly, three of these are already correct.

13 things we already know about The Ballad of Gay Tony%26ndash; literally all there is to know about the next batch of 360-exclusive DLC.

Paletteswap Ninja outtakes!%26ndash; we helped sing/shout parts of their new song %26ldquo;Learn to Spell,%26rdquo; a parody of All American Rejects%26rsquo; %26ldquo;Gives You Hell.%26rdquo;

Bionic Commando spoiler to end all spoilers%26ndash; audio clips that reveal what has to be the best/worst spoiler in recent memory.

GR Ultimate Character Battle%26ndash; witness a videogame character battle slip out of our control and end with the Hulk fighting the internet%26hellip; and winning.

Modern Warfare 2 trailer kicks our asses%26ndash; watch along and stare at the wonder

Question of the Week%26ndash; What big reveal do you want to see at E3 next week?

Above: ClusterShart helped make TalkRadar part of D-Day by writing our name into the sand of Gold Beach, Normandy

Above: The Cakeman believes we have a fine wooden desk resting in a room painted top to bottom in Screaming Orange

Above: Ravenbom sketched out this startlingly accurate portrait of our own Charlie %26ldquo;Chaz Chuckles%26rdquo; Barratt

Above: Manaconda met our yearly quota for lens flares in just one image

Above: Loserphenom won our Bionic Commando contest by asking for bionic jazz hands for his already fabulous jazz hands

Above: Smallberry asks, ClusterShart delivers %26ndash; one Lords of Bonertown movie poster. Don%26rsquo;t get it? You should listen toTalkRadar 49

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Post date: May 29, 2009
T-Dar 53 length: 02:20:26
Quote of the week: %26ldquo;You%26rsquo;ve obviously never had a hot grandfather.%26rdquo;
Intro song by:Anamanaguchi
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