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QOTW: What big reveal do you most want to see at E3?

Every week the hosts of TalkRadar present and answer a new "Question of the Week" - a personal inquiry which unearths some of our deepest, and sometimes most sinister, gaming memories. Everyone is encouraged to answer each week's question, so go ahead, tell us your most glorious, nostalgic, or shameful story!

What games do you want announced? What trailers do you want to see? What's the most earth-shattering announcement you can possibly imagine?

Answer this week's question in the comments!

Questions can also be answered in the QOTW forum thread. Our favorite posts this week will be read next week on TalkRadar 54, and appear in the next edition of this article. Listen to TalkRadar 53 tomorrow for our answers!

Thanks for your responses, everyone! A lot of you gave up on a Zelda game - don't worry, we can sympathize with Water Temple fatigue. Various Final Fantasy games were also prevalent, as were Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, and some of those other damned artsy games that you know you should have beat.

Below are a few of last week's answers that tickled our collective fancies, but since we can't feature them all here, check outlast week's articleandforum threadfor more...

Z-man427 wrote...
"Mario 64. i need to be shot."

sbghost64 wrote...
"In my almost 12 years of playing Golden axe on the genesis, my brother and I have never beaten it, im ready to throw it at the wall (however me and a friend finally beat streets of rage for the first time out of 12 years of trying. my brother is still pissed that he can't say he's beaten it.)"

Caio wrote...
"Resident Evil 4. I always lose interest halfway through, especially after the giant Salazar statue. It's too ridiculous to keep going."

Above: Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary

CountZero wrote...
"Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link on the NES (You remember that shiny gold cartridge, right?). I've conquered pretty much every other game from my childhood, but that one still haunts my dreams. I must have played the first couple temples in that game hundreds of times, but never made it any further. There's a point where you get to a series of caves, which eventually lead you to the glove item that lets you move boulders. I could never make it to that damn glove, thanks to the caves being full of bats and ******* bipedal alligators with battle axes and assorted other bullshit enemies that kicked my ass /every/ time. After struggling with it for awhile I would get frustrated and quit...until it eventually lured me back to try again, always with the same result."

HotRod wrote...
"Persona 4. I've put eighty hours into it since christmas, and still haven't seen the end yet. The level grind is killing me, as are the bosses. Uck. My affection for the game is unrequited. Why don't you love me back, Chie??"

Above: Because she's too busy starching her collar?

Smallberry wrote...
"Mine for now is Valkyria Chronicles. Especially because of what I had to do to get it.

After T-Dar and Brett Elston's initial endorsement of the game, and being a fan of anime, I decided to take a look at some trailers of the game and I fell in love with the art. So I went out to a bunch of places here in my useless little corner of India to find the game. After searching all over town I found 1 copy in the last place I could have checked. After this, there was the problem of money ie: I had none.

So I managed to get them to reserve the game for 2 months for me until I could put the cash together. When I went back I was sure it would have been sold. Surprisingly, it was still tucked away in the drawer with my name on it. Apparently no one ever asked for the game or seemed to know it existed.

I brought the game home and played for 2 days but got immediately carried away preparing for my finals. That was in March. I still pick it up off my shelf from time to time but immediately put it back since I know I don't have the time to go back to it.”

Skooch wrote...
"Oh god, I never finish anything. In fact, in my eleven years of gaming I have only ever finished five games, three of which star Kirby."

May 28, 2009

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