Taken and Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Liam Neeson's pissed and Jet Li's Mummy is loose...

Two new trailers broke over the weekend, and frankly couldn’t be more different if they were a Meg Ryan romantic comedy and a slasher film about a deadly dolphin. Okay, we were wrong…

Taken stars Liam Neeson as a seemingly mild-mannered family man who learns that his daughter has been snatched while she’s on holiday in Paris. Which naturally makes him mad. And, as a well-trained ex-soldier, he decides to do something about it: i.e. by tracking down those responsible and delivering swift and bloody vengeance.

IGN has the trailer here .

Also now online is the first full trailer for The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Empire, which sees Rob Cohen take over the franchise mantle from Stephen Sommers and pits the O’Connell family against a powerful Chinese mummy. See it over at Cohen’s blog .

Source: ( Ign.com ) ( Robcohenthemummy.com )