Street Fighter Week: The evolution of Cammy

The legacy of Street Fighter's sexiest amnesic clone is examined

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Super Street Fighter II|Alpha series|Marvel and SNK|Misc. games|SSFIITHDR and Street Fighter IV|Cosplay and comics|Figures, film, and more

Street Fighter: The Movie - 1995

We've railed on this game over and over, and we'll do it again. This game is an awful attempt to capitalize on a terrible movie, as well as the popularity of Mortal Kombat's digitized graphics. At least Cammy is one of the better visually represented characters, played by Australian singerKylie Minogue.

Cannon Spike - 2000

Not actually a Street Fighter game, Cannon Spike still features Cammy as a playable character. It's a 3D 2nd-person shooter released in Japanese arcades in 2000and on the Dreamcast in 2001. Cammy is playable both in her Shadaloo and Delta Red forms.

Final Fight: Streetwise - 2006

Cammy makes an appearance in this awful Xbox game as opponent in the "Japantown" stages. Thanks Capcom, this is a Cammy underprivileged youth can really relate to! As it would be said in the game, "She be, like, totally 'street,' yo! Bitch! Ass! Damn!"


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