Street Fighter Anniversary Edition review

Here comes a really old challenger! GamesMaster buys itself a great big joystick...

Okay, this is a stretch, but - you know when one of your favourite retro films comes out on DVD but the 'special features' turn out to be a couple of manky trailers and scene selection? That's Street Fighter Anniversary Edition, that is.

Make no mistake - Street Fighter's great. The original's brilliant, and SF3: Third Strike (included in the Xbox package) stands up next to Guilty Gear X2 as one of the best, most beautifully animated 2D fighters ever. There's even the chance to watch the SF animated movie, which is worth it for the Chun Li/Vega fight alone.

The trouble is - that's it. Capcom could've easily included versions of every Street Fighter game (World Warrior, Champion Edition) rather than going for Super New Challengers with old characters. And they could certainly have included more of all the art and music that SF's inspired. And - this isn't really Capcom's fault, of course - the Xbox pad is awful for this type of beat-'em-up. Good value, but still a disappointment.

Street Fighter Anniversary Edition is out now for PS2 and Xbox

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PlatformXbox, PS2