Spectacular French trailer arrives for Upside Down

A trailer has arrived online for sci-fi romance Upside Down , in which Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst play a pair of young lovers separated by some very unusual universal laws…

The film is set in a universe in which two worlds exist in tandem, one on top of the other, each with its own gravitational pull. In essence, each world is a mirror image of the other, with both appearing to its counterpart to be upside down.

To be honest, it all sounds a lot clearer once you’ve watched the trailer. Take a look at the French-subtitled version below…

Whilst there’s nothing particularly new about the theme of thwarted lovers, the upside-down effect is visually arresting in the extreme. If you thought Inception ’s dreamscapes looked cool, this could well be the film for you!

It’s also nice to see Kirsten Dunst dusting off the old upside down kiss for another outing. Old habits clearly die hard! Upside Down is expected to arrive later this year, with no release date confirmed as yet.


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