Payday: Sony offers players the game for free all weekend

The FPS kind of Payday, not the chocolate or money kinds

Sony's decided that as nice as it is to have lots of people playing crime-FPS Payday: The Heist, it would be nicer still if even more people were playing it. Hence, the company's offering free playtime on the PC version of its Heat-inspired shooter all weekend. Head to Steam for a free trial, or to pick up the game for 50% off, with both deals lasting until Monday morning.

We reviewed Payday: The Heist back when it was released in late 2011, enjoying the game's frenetic, antisocial action and shameless lifts from big-budget crime movies. We also called out the value represented by this download-priced shooter – so if you have no money whatsoever, consider this a free training tool on the road to solving your problems?

(Note to our more desperate/humorless readers: Please, please don't actually use Payday: The Heist for training purposes. And if you do, definitely don't say we told you to do it.)