Sony launches indie social gaming barrage on Playstation Home

Indie developers Odd Gentleman, Peanut Gallery and Lazy8 are among the recruits

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The social gaming bandwagon hasn%26rsquo;t left town, and it appears Sony is the latest company to hop on. The company today announced a number of social casual games will be added to Home, the PlayStation 3's flagship virtual-world-with-very-little-to-do. This is actually great news, as the games are promised to %26ldquo;provide unique experiences for users, allowing them to share, interact and communicate with new and existing friends%26rdquo; on the PlayStation 3. In normal person language, this means Home just became a lot more fun.

Uttering the phrase %26ldquo;social gaming%26rdquo; in a group of gamers usually attracts as much positive attention as running through a beehive naked, but in this case you may want to keep your skepticism at bay. The new social games are being published on Sony's newCodenamesub-label, and their creators are some of the most inventive indie game developers in recent memory.

Above: NOT The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom - though it's an easy mistake to make and we really wouldn't mind if it was.

The most interesting title is arguably Dueling Gentleman, a new strategy dueling game made by the developers behind The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom. Also exciting is Cogs in 3D, an adaptation of Lazy8%26rsquo;s popular PC/iPhone/iPad puzzle game. Two other games, Minor Battle from Peanut Gallery and Super Awesome Mountain RPG from Codename itself, were unveiled in the press release.

Above: The steampunk-y, clockwork-y puzzle game Cogs pretty much rocked. We're thrilled to play it on a full-sized system instead of an iPhone.

Sony%26rsquo;s release fails to pin down why, exactly, these games are being labeled as %26ldquo;social games.%26rdquo; It may because of their multi-player capabilities, as every game in the press release can be played with or against friends. But who cares what the games are labeled? The PlayStation 3 has already spawned some incredible indie titles, such as LittleBigPlanet and Flower, and these new offerings will give PlayStation 3 gamers even more goodness to enjoy.

Exact release dates are not yet available, but Sony%26rsquo;s states that all of the games will hit within the %26ldquo;next several months.%26rdquo;

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