SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Combined Assault Hints

  • Bonus/Crosstalk Objective List

    Entry location: All Missions have Bonus, not Crosstalk
    Winterblade: BONUS-Obtain map located in tent. Go to Delta and there will be a path in the mountain. Eliminate the 4 Tangos at the tent and take the map. CROSSTALK-There is a vehicle on the road behind Echo. Eliminate the 5 man squad there.

    Reprisal: BONUS-There is another room near Underwood's position. Take out the enemies guarding the Troop Intel documents and acquire it. NO CROSSTALK

    Whipsaw: BONUS-Disable Radio Relay at the watchtower. CROSSTALK-Obtain Cartel info in one of the buildings around the boat launch area.

    Broken Chains: BONUS-Destroy the Cargo Transport (it will take at least two shots even with M3). CROSSTALK-Obtain battle plans lying on crates on the second level of the lighthouse.

    Stockpile: BONUS-Demo weapons shipment at boat dock area. There is usually on Tango guarding it. CROSSTALK-There will be a room that has an open grate on the ceiling near the rear of the facility. It will contain documents with a storage log. Take it.

    Highwire: BONUS-Go to the airstrip and secure it first. Of course along the way you can also take care of the sausage. Once secure, don't worry about the helicopter that takes off, go to the control tower (it has the sniper on the balcony) and go to the side of the building near the airstrip and plant a satchel at its base. Now get back and watch the tower come tumbling down. NO CROSSTALK

    Disruption: BONUS-Take an AT-4 and destroy the mercenaries leaving in the armored car. NO CROSSTALK

    Bombshell: BONUS-In the largest warehouse, there are five rooms at one end of the building. There will be a Schedule lying on a desk in one of the rooms. Take it. CROSSTALK-The Uranium intel will be located inside one of the three mobile labs sitting in the construction lot. If you took out the mercs in the prior mission, they won't be here waiting for you.

    Sea Wasp: BONUS-Capture the Captain of the freighter. NO CROSSTALK.

    Blindside: BONUS-Destroy the communications in a small room at the front of the temple. CROSSTALK-Secure hostage located on the second floor of the lone building in front of the temple.

    Dragonfly: BONUS-Destroy the first helicopter (KA-50) that takes off from the fuel depot. CROSSTALK-Take out the MI-24 inbound to take out Fireteam Bravo. I suggest carrying the M3 launcher with extra rounds so you can take out the gun boat as well.

    Stormcloud: BONUS-Destroy Armor. Take an AT-4 with extra round. Each tank will only take one shot and it will self explode a few seconds after you hit it. CROSSTALK-In the main village, demo the north bridge. Proceed to the only building you can enter on the north side of that road and eliminate the enemies and Secure Nightowl's sister.

    Chokehold: BONUS-Destroy Communications located across from the Brickworks where the two machine gun mounts are. CROSSTALK-Eliminate all enemies in the brickworks and go to the top of the building through the stairs. There will be one Tango on the roof. Relieve him of his pain. HOLD fireteam and plant C4 on the red fuel barrels sitting close to where he was.

    Trailblazer: BONUS-Around the electrical station or communications tower there will be a ladder leading down into the sewers. You will find a bunch of bars blown out and there will be crates inside. Demo them and you've got the weapons cache. NO CROSSTALK

    Snake Pit: BONUS-There will 5 pieces of intel in the buiding. Go to the main room where the large staircase is leading to the second floor. There are four rooms on each floor. Two pieces of intel will be on the 1st floor (the will look like blueprints) and two on the second floor (a laptop and a map hanging on the wall). The fifth will be in SNAKEBITE's office on his desk. You can get it on the way to the extraction. NO CROSSTALK

    Frostbite: BONUS-Take an AT-4 and destroy the transport located on the backside of the facility. Take too long and he will leave. NO CROSSTALK

    Shepherd: BONUS-Destroy enemy armor. Again, either an M3 or an AT-4 with an extra round will do the job like on Stormcloud. Sometimes there is only on tank, but usually two blocking your way to the extraction. CROSSTALK-Avoid the KA-50 helicopter circling the bridge. He will usually leave after you've eliminated the enemies and blown the blockade at the end of the bridge and are driving the truck across.

    Kingfisher: There is an escape boat located in the underground passageways. Take it out with an AT-4 or blast it a lot with a rifle or grenade launcher. The Mercenary guarding it will have a STG-77 with M203.

    With this, you should be able to unlock the Bonus and Crosstalk badges.

    These tips were taken from Bradygames Strategy Guide along with my own playing experience. Hope it helps some.
    Submitted by USS Drum
  • Sausages

    Entry location: Each mission has 1 sausage located on the map
    Winterblade: Behind comm tent, go across the water to a large rock standing alone. The sausage will be on the ground behind the rock.

    Reprisal: At the east cave entrance, look right and there is a very small ledge. HOLD fireteam. Carefully walk out on the ledge. Watch out. It's a long way down.

    Whipsaw: From the sawmill, follow the road that leads around to the tunnel and watchtower area. There will be a target standing alone with a stump. The sausage is sitting on top of the stump.

    Broken Chains: Enter the lighthouse and there are shelves on the wall to the left. The sausage is there.

    Stockpile: On the top floor when heading to the last chemical weapons that must be marked, there are 3 or 4 green rusted pipes running vertical on the wall. The sausage will be next to that.

    Highwire: From Insertion point head to Delta. Look right and there is a spot to climb the rocks. There will be two rebels standing near a flaming barrel. The sausage is getting cooked there. The rebels are friendlies so don't fire.

    Disruption: When infiltrating the training camp from the backside through the door, there is a small tower with a rope ladder in front of the building you see when you open the door. Climb to the top of it. The building has a ledge. Getting a running start and JUMP to the ledge. The sausage is located there. However, have good health or med packs because you'll have to jump to the ground.

    Bombshell: Across the open area from the building under construction there are 3 mobile labs. Go to the center on and there will be a cabinet that opens and the sausage will be in it.

    Sea Wasp: On the ship, the sausage will be lying next to the ration crates that were supposed "to be delivered to the Adjikistani poor."

    Blindside: Two bridges will take you over the stream in front of the lone building below the temple. Take the east bridge and the tree stading above it will have the sausage lying at it.

    Dragonfly: On the opposite side of the island from the Insertion point there is what appears to be a small sailboat sitting in the marsh grass at water's edge. The sausage will be on it.

    Stormcloud: Once Foxtrot is secure, walk towards the edge of the waterfall more to the right side and the sausage will actually be lying underwater.

    Chokehold: At start, the Garage will be directly across the street. Go left toward the alley and there will be a garbage dumpster. Climb it and then onto the ledge. The sausage will be near the far end of the ledge.

    Trailblazer: Take out the first tango you come to. At the truck sitting in what looks like and intersection, go left into the alleyway. Follow it until you get to the crumbling wall. Take out the two or three tangos there. Do not cross the bridge. When facing the bridge, go to the building wall to your right. HOLD fireteam and go toward the edge of the canal and wall. Tip-toe this small walkway around the building. The sausage is at the end.

    Snake Pit: In the galley or kitchen sitting on the shelves next to canned and boxed foods. It will be the first room if entering from the rear of the building. If you go through the front, go right and follow the hall. It will be the first open door you come to.

    Frostbite: At the building that has the Merc Squad in it, there is a snowman outside the building. You must either use a grenade, rocket, or anti-material rifle and destroy the snowman. The sausage will be where the snowman once stood.

    Shepherd: At the destroyed building closest to the Extraction point, there will be a box next to the chimney. Jump onto the box, you can not climb. From the box you can claim the sausage on the chimney.

    Kingfisher: Once underground, there will be a small room with two doors and a few white filing cabinets lined up against one wall with another lying on the ground. There is a tan or beige cabinet standing with the white ones. Open the drawer and the sausage will be in it. This room is about 20 meters or so from Juliet.

    You have found all the sausages and unlocked its badge.

    This is taken from the Bradygames Strategy guide and self experience playing the game.
    Submitted by USS Drum

SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Combined Assault Unlockables

  • Badges

    CAPTURE: Complete all CAPTURE Instant Action missions at any rank.
    DEFUSE: Complete all DEFUSE Instant Action missions at any rank.
    DEMOLISH: Complete all DEMOLISH Instant Action missions at any rank.
    ESCORT: Complete all ESCORT Instant Action missions at any rank.
    EXTRACT: Complete all EXTRACT Instant Action missions at any rank.
    RECOVER: Complete all RECOVER Instant Action missions at any rank.
    SECURE: Complete all SECURE Instant Action missions at any rank.
    OVER-ACHIEVER: Complete all Instant Action missions at the rank of Admiral.
    COVERT OPS: Complete the campaign with a cumulative stealth score greater than 300,000 points.
    TRIDENT: Complete the campaign with a total score greater than 1,200,000 points.
    EFFICIENCY: Complete the campaign with an elapsed time less than 7:00:00.
    PDQ: Complete the campaign with an elapsed time less than 4:00:00.
    EXEMPLARY RECORD: Complete the campaign with a cumulative performance score greater than 400,00 points.
    TADPOLE: Complete the campaign at the rank of Ensign or higher.
    FROGMAN: Complete the campaign at the rank of Commander or higher.
    SEAL: Complete the campaign at the rank of Admiral.
    SUB-ROSA: Complete a Campaign or Instant Action mission with a stealth score greater than 30,000 points.
    DODGER: Complete a Campaign or Instant Action mission with no team members downed or wounded and no medkit charges used.
    MERCY: Complete a Campaign or Instant Action mission without having any members of the fireteam kill any enemies.
    MARKSMANSHIP: Complete a Campaign or Instant Action mission with an accuracy rating greater than 85%.
    GRENADIER: Neutralize at least 40 enemies with explosives during your career in Campaign or Instant Action.
    UNSEEN STRIKE: Neutralize at least 20 enemies with a knife during your career in Campaign or Instant Action.
    BASTILLE: Capture at least 40 enemies during your career in Campaign or Instant Action.
    LIQUIDATOR: Neutralize at least 600 enemies during your career in Campaign or Instant Action.
    SHADOW OPERATOR: Neutralize at least 150 enemies undetected during your career in Campaign or Instant Action.
    FIRST AID: Use 40 medkit charges during your career in Campaign or Instant Action.
    ANTI-ARMOR: Destroy at least 10 occupied vehicles in campaign mode during your career.
    MELON HUNTER: Neutralize at least 150 with headshots during your career in Campaign or Instant Action.
    SUPPORT: Complete all secondary objectives in campaign mode during your career.
    ABOVE AND BEYOND: Complete all bonus objectives in campaign mode during your career.
    COMMUNICATOR: Complete all SOCOM: Combined Assault crosstalk objectives in campaign mode during your career.
    SAUSAGE: Obtain all sausages in campaign mode during your career.
    Submitted by Clint_Holoway

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Genre: Shooter
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Developed by: Zipper Interactive
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