Skyrim Word Wall location and shout guide

Track down every Word Wall and maximize your shouts in Skyrim


Word: Ice Form

Location: Directly southwest of Winterhold

While the doors to this dungeon are open from the beginning of the game to reach the area that contains the Word Wall you’ll have to join the Mages College. One of the first quests sends you down into this dungeon to explore for magic items. What starts out with you just walking around, picking up stuff, turns into a pretty dangerous dungeon crawl rather quickly. You will have Tolfdir’s help in some of the hardest areas so exploring this place shouldn’t be too hard even for a low level character although the boss fight can provide some issues. Keep plenty of health potions on hand in either case as there is a Draugr Overlord or Draugr Deathlord looking to bash your face in when you’re still on your own.

We never really figured out a good way to do the puzzle with the spinning pillars. You have to match up the side of the pillar facing you with the symbols on the walls above them to open the door. The problem is that when you spin one pillar another one, or two, will spin with it. There is very likely a good, simple order to do this but we haven’t worked one out at the time of this publication.

Shroud Hearth Barrow

Word: Kyne’s Peace

Location: Just north of Ivarstead

Located just north of the small town of Ivarstead this dungeon is encountered rather early on if you’re following the main storyline. Luckily it’s also a rather easy dungeon with only one boss level encounter near the end of it. Honestly a beginner character with your housecarl should be able to clear this even if they’re a mostly non-combat spec thanks to most of the enemies being easily defeated skeletons.


Word: All three Throw Voice Words

Location: On the mountains in the center of The Pale region of Skyrim, between Whiterun and Winterhold, south of Dawnstar and Morthal

Dragon Roost. Do not, I repeat, do not treat this like just another Word Wall. The dragon will fly away from the wall to attack you like normal but it is of the utmost importance that you do not walk towards the wall itself until the dragon is dead. In a sarcophagus near the Word Wall is one of the Dragon Priests, Krosis, and you don’t want to be caught between a dragon and this guy because they will kill you in no time flat. Kill the dragon and then deal with Krosis for a much easier time.

On the bright side Krosis’ mask is awesome for stealthy, light armor users. That makes up for this Shout being fairly useless even for a stealthy character so it evens out.

Shriekwind Bastion

Word: Elemental Fury

Location: North of Falkreath – note that this dungeon has two entrances

Technically speaking this is just one dungeon with two entrances but getting in from the southern entrance is kind of tricky and it produces a fairly different experience. The video below operates as if you entered from North Shriekwind Bastion and this is basically the simplest way to get through the dungeon. Luckily this is another pretty easy dungeon with only the fact that there are some vampires inside making it tough at all. Bring along fire weapons for all the various undead and you will be in great shape for clearing this place out in a jiffy.


Word: Storm Call

Location: Not on the map, this location is accessed during the quest “The World Eater’s Eyrie”

This is the next to final location in the game and can only be accessed by following the main storyline to its conclusion. It’s pretty hard to miss this wall what with it being right in your path in a hallway you have to pass through and there are no enemies in said room to distract you. However do not miss this wall! Without reloading or using glitches / cheats there is no way back into Skuldafn after you’ve cleared it. Get it during your first visit or not at all.

Silverdrift Lair

Word: Disarm

Location: Southeast of Dawnstar on the other side of the mountains.

For the most part this dungeon is fairly easy to get through with only a few enemies to fight who shouldn’t be too difficult if you have good equipment. Honestly the traps are more likely to wipe you out if you’re not careful. But there are two tough enemies in this place, an elite and a boss Draugr. The first is slightly higher level than the average enemy you’re fighting but the second is going to be a very tough fight. Should you possess the capability to summon allies, whether by Shout, spell or artifact, this is a great place to use it. This is a nice place to use any Daedric Artifacts you might have as they’ll make dealing with this boss much easier.

Skyborn Altar

Word: Frost Breath

Location: Southwest of Dawnstar and southeast of Morthal on the north side of the mountain range.

Dragon Roost. There’s nothing special about this location. Kill the dragon and get the wall, easy as can be. If you’re having a hard time finding your way up the mountain to this place then go into Morthal or Dawnstar and use your Shout. Simply fire a short, one word Shout up into the air repeatedly until a courier brings you a message from “a friend” that will give you this location.

Snow Veil Sanctum

Word: Disarm

Location: Southeast of Winterhold city.

This location can only be entered during the Thieve’s Guild quest “Speaking with Silence” as only during this quest is the door opened. You’re partnered with the Guildmaster Mercer Frey and he can basically clear this place out entirely on his own, no help needed from you. This makes getting through the dungeon absolutely a breeze even for a character with almost no combat skills.

This wall is found in a large chamber with a second floor accessed by a wooden staircase. Simply walk around the staircase to the far side of the room for this wall.

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