Silent Hill: Book of Memories' premise explained in new Gamescom trailer

Konami has released a new Silent Hill: Book of Memories gameplay video detailing the concept behind the upcoming top-down multiplayer spin-off for the the PlayStation Vita. Watch now as senior association producer Tomm Hulett ponies up some early info on the game's story, settings and perhaps one its most chilling features of all … real human interaction (dun dun duhhh).

For those too lazy to click play, Silent Hill: Book of Memories will task players with creating their own characters and jumping into the Otherworlds with friends in an effort to rewrite an actual book of memories which (we assume) doesn't end well in the original version.

“Book of Memories is a big departure for the series, focusing on co-operative multiplayer action rather than traditional psychological horror,” notes Hulett, explaining, “Fans needn't worry; limited resources, dark atmosphere, scare rooms – those all return, but in a package specifically designed for the PlayStation Vita.”

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is currently in development by WayForward Technologies scheduled for an early 2012 release.

Aug 19, 2011