Side by side video comparison between the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer and Mirror's Edge

Like everybody else on the internet, we couldn't help but notice the similarities between the brand-new trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man reboot and EA's free-running game, Mirror's Edge. The reason for this is because it's a bloody rip-off of Faith's antics, as the video below proves. But the homage demonstrated for Marvel's web-slinging hero has us all needlessly excited about the possibility of a Spider-Man game done this way.

The mash-up is highly unlikely to spawn a new Spidey game in FPS (First Person Slinger) but it did make us wonder, which other comic book stars would suit which type of game genre? Superman in a kart racer perhaps? Who wouldn't want Super-Manio Kart, eh? Hello? Oh. And that's the best we've got but we're sure there are more that you brainy lot will be able to recommend in the comments below.


July 21, 2011  

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