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Seven Kingdoms Cheats

  • Cheat codes

    Start any game, and type !!!@@@###
    A dialog box should then appear saying 'Cheat Mode Enabled'
    Now type the following keys to get these cheats:
    U - Immortal King
    T - Advance technology,Invoke all Greater Beings
    Z - Fast Build
    * - Food, press many times to get tons of it.
    ý - Click on your seat of power and press this and the greater being meter will fill up.
    ý - Click on your village and push this and some more citizens will pop up.
    C - Adds $1000 to your bank account
    \ -Adds 1000 to food
    M - shows map
    ; - Increases population in selected city
    = - Increases prayer points in selected Seat of Power
    B - Instant construction completeion
    Note: This cheat was tested on a Swedish keyboard, so the buttons might be placed differently. Anyway, the "*" is placed to the left of the enter button and above the shift button. The "ý" is to the left of the backspace button. The "ý" is the third button to the left from the enter key, the line above the backspace button.
    When you have done the usual cheat type m, then you will see all over the map and have contact with all kingdoms.
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