Sam & Max pricing revealed

Crazed cartoon detective duo can be yours for less than $10

Be still, our hearts. When dog-and-rabbit crimefighting duo Sam & Max return to adventure games on November 1, you'll be able to snag their first episode (Sam & Max: Season One - Culture Shock) for just $8.95, publisher Telltale Games announced today.

If you're so excited about playing as the hyperkinetic rabbity thing and canine gumshoe (who doesn't actually wear shoes but has a big gun so shut up) that you want the whole season, you can pay $34.95 to subscribe to the entire six-episode run (episode 2 is scheduled to hit in December). This will also net you the option of getting a CD with all six episodes when they're finished. Both options will be available for purchase and download from Telltale's website.

If you'd rather play the game early, though, it'll be available through the subscription-based GameTap service ($9.99 per month) on October 17. Just remember that you'll only be able to play it so long as you're signed up for the service.

October 4, 2006


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