Sam Fisher is an infiltraholic

On the noiseless heels of the four-console release of Splinter Cell: Double Agent Ubisoft has announced that they'll be sending Sam Fisher onto the only console yet to feature his exhilarating stealth antics and green-glowing dome.  The Xbox 360 version of Double Agent was an awesome new realization of the Splinter Cell series, and there's no reason to doubt the PS3 version will bring the same excellence to bear.

In fact, there may be reason to believe that Double Agent will reach new heights of bad-assery on the PS3. In addition to new multiplayer maps and skins, Ubisoft will be including Sixaxis support in single and multiplayer modes. Can PS3 owners look forward to snapping necks and slitting throats with their wireless controllers? The lockpicking mechanic was fun and fresh when it debuted, maybe it will see a motion-sensitive reinvention?

Above: Sam takes the scenic route on Xbox 360

Scheduled to hit stores in March 2007, Splinter Cell: Double Agent is poised to be one of the heaviest hitters of the PS3’s freshman year. If you disagree, better keep it quiet. You never know where that crazy Fisher is going to turn up next.

December 21, 2006

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