Russell Tovey On Leaving Being Human

Our resident Being Human expert Narin Bahar learns some more from Tovey about his tough decision to leave the show

“I felt so sad when I saw how Aidan was leaving,” says Russell Tovey, explaining his decision to leave Being Human . “I felt so sad for George, because he was losing his best friend; I felt so sad for the show, because Mitchell was a big reason the show was so successful. I feel like we were The Spice Girls and we’d just lost Ginger. Or we’re Take That and we’d just lost Robbie. Or we’re Westlife and we’d just lost Brian. Although no-one cared about Brian. Okay, we were Take That.

“I’m going to miss Aidan. I didn't want to do it without Aidan and I wanted to leave on a high. It just felt time.

“I know some people might be pissed off with me that I’ve left, but I want people to love George and understand that I want to go off and explore other things. It’s sad. I’d decided that I was going to go when I finished filming series three, but then it was so successful and I thought, ‘Should I really be leaving?’ But I am. For me three is the magic number. It's always in my head. I’d done three series and I was ready to go.”

That doesn’t mean, though, that there’s no George in series four. He doesn’t just vanish, with a line from Annie about how he’s off in Bolton now, or whatever. But just how much we’ll see of him is yet to be revealed. Seems he’ll be getting a proper send-off, though.


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