Rock Band to strut onto 360 first?

Is Rock Band coming to the Xbox 360 first?  Rumors about a period of limited exclusively in place for Christmas fly, as the E3 rumor mill starts spinning.

This little rumor was sparked by the appearance of an invite to this year's E3 Harmonix event on Wednesday, which appears to be missing a PS3 logo, while prominently displaying an Xbox 360 one in full and glorious Technicolor.

Wired magazine's Chris Kohler has jumped on the speculation bandwagon, fueling his theory that the big MS may have wielded its corporate muscle to secure an exclusive deal for the Xbox 360 for the forthcoming big band social gaming behemoth.

Above: Note the lack of a PS3 logo

Our money is on a misunderstanding.  It's a big stretch to say Rock Band will be a 360 exclusive based on the lack of one logo.  Kohler admits as much in his intriguing piece, but it's a fascinating theory and well worth a bit of rumination while we wait for the show to kick off.

Still, it would be quite a coup for Microsoft to snag a Christmas Xbox 360 Rock Band exclusive and it would be a tough pill for Sony to swallow, assuming the rumor proves true. It’s all up in the air, at the moment, though.  Check out our Images tab in the meantime for those five new screenshots.

July 9, 2007


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