Ritchie's getting Static

Lock, Stock lenser is back with a new action-packed gangster-fest

Let’s get this out of the way first... We quite like Guy Ritchie here at totalfilm.com. Sure, he’s lost his way a little but surely he’s just one damn fine movie away from being back at the top of the tree…

Here’s hoping that Static is that movie.

Ritchie has scribbled on the dotted line to re-write and direct the story of a wrongly imprisoned gangland guv’nor who decides to give evidence against the bent coppers who put him inside. To do so, the gangster has to run the gauntlet and make his way across town without getting dead.

Ritchie will tinker with an original script by Black Irish writer/director Brad Gann, with Columbia Pictures writing the cheques and Neal Moritz producing for his Original Film company.

Let’s hope that by the time we hear more on Static, it sounds a little more heart-pumping and a little less like 16 Blocks…