Review: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue [import]

Jan 10, 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is… well, you know what it is; a little capsule sent back to us from the future, which contains a milligram of each ingredient of 2008/2009’s full blown GT5. And it’s powerful stuff. Although Sony are charging close to full whack for Prologue in Japan (4,980 of your jangling yen - that’s 45 US dollars or 22 English pounds), it can’t really be described as a full game.

There are only five circuits in Prologue, but each of them has an ‘alternate version’ to fulfill Sony’s slightly optimistic claim of ten tracks. Still, some kudos - the five locations are well chosen. The Daytona Super Speedway circuit is the most interesting addition to the GT mix, in spite of being an infinite oval - it’s just nice to see GT do NASCAR, albeit without stock cars. The new London track is another fresh one, a narrow road course that takes in the sights of Chinatown and Soho while enabling the player to race without feeling bitter about the congestion charge. Eiger Nordwand returns, and looks identical to its appearance in GT HD Concept. And then there are two F1 circuits - Japan’s Suzuka and Fuji Speedway - for the purists. A little tarmac for everyone, then.

And the cars? There are 40 vehicles, from 22 manufacturers, including - finally - Ferrari. Again, Prologue has a limited but well-balanced selection - hairdressers’ cars (the Suzuki Cappuccino), rich Italians’ cars (the Ferrari F430), and rich Italian hairdressers’ cars (the Alfa Romeo Brera). There’s also the new WRX Subaru Impreza hatchback, which we really want. And some Daihatsus, which no one wants.


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