Raoul Moat GTA story makes Daily Star look like idiots

We really don't know where to start with this one. Okay, the bare facts to begin with: The Daily Star has somehow managed to report that a video game based on killer Raoul Moat is being planned.

It's even gone so far as to parade a picture of a mocked up GTA, entitled: Grand Theft Auto Rothbury - named after the rural Northumberland area in which Moat ended his own life on July 10.

The Star attributes the doctored image to several 'games websites', which it said 'showed the cover of Grand Theft Auto Rothbury'. We read a lot of games websites. We have not seen these websites.

Read this sentence carefully: This image is the only evidence the Star has to back its claim that a Raoul Moat video game is being planned.

The most shocking thing of all? Not content with taking/creating a fictional/tasteless image of 'GTA Rothbury', The Star then asks the (watch us fly into justifiable tabloid capitalisation here) 69-YEAR-OLD GRANDMOTHER of Moat's ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart - who was not only SHOT AND LEFT FOR DEAD by Moat herself, but whose BOYFRIEND MOAT KILLED - what she thinks of its conception.

"It is sick - it's blood money," Mrs Ann Hornsby tells the paper. "The game is beyond belief."

Understandable rage? You betcha. But "beyond belief". That's kind of the point, isn't it? It's made up. By The Daily Star. Responsible.

The idea that a game is planned at all is linked to the reported publication of a book on Moat and the shocking incidents at Rothbury. The Star does at least speak to a paperback publisher on that one.

It also notes that 'film companies are lining up bids for the rights' to Moat's story. Without noting any source.

Oh, and for those inquisitive enough, The Star's headline is:


The first of the three is unfounded.

The second is a joke.

Or at least would be. If it were funny.

[Disclaimer: Some aspects of this report - including a section of the headline - represent the writer's opinion]

Source: CVG

July 21, 2010


  • OneEyedGoon - July 21, 2010 10:10 p.m.

    How the hell are people just allowed to make up shit like this and have NO ONE call them on it? I hate everyone.
  • Defguru7777 - July 21, 2010 10:15 p.m.

    It's always GTA. Maybe Jack Thompson is outsourcing his jackassery to The Star. Re:Captcha: 2nd Kerrigan I don't want to say SECOND!!!!, but it looks like the Re:Captcha demands it. :9
  • tayls - July 21, 2010 10:17 p.m. respect for Rockstar and its amazing style and art direction. Or how forward thinking they are, for that matter. Shock value is all the media sees, as they somehow completely miss the points the developer makes and the social commentary throughout their games. I also hate everyone.
  • Jamiekeenan - July 21, 2010 10:20 p.m.

    It's disgraceful that they do this, all it does is make the games industry look bad and hurt the people whose friends and families were killed or injured even more. They just took advantage of an old lady to make some hyperbole news and blame murders that had nothing to do with video games on GTA again because they can.
  • masewindu - July 21, 2010 10:25 p.m.

    Now this is just wrong. This just goes to prove that there aren't any lengths a news company wont go to get readers and shock value.
  • Superkev45 - July 21, 2010 10:25 p.m.

    Just ignore them, this is what they want!!!!! But on a serious note I can't believe Chanelle Hayes is to become a mum!! Congrats!!!
  • Tomsta666 - July 21, 2010 10:26 p.m.

    This isn't even Roaul Moat-ly funny...
  • GamesRadarTylerNagata - July 21, 2010 10:27 p.m.

    lol Tomsta666
  • RabidCabbage - July 21, 2010 10:28 p.m.

    I really hope they get sued over this. Or just cease to exist, either is good.
  • Cwf2008 - July 21, 2010 10:29 p.m.

    The news today: Well news should be in quotes because now its about making money and shocking people, not you know...REPORTING THE ACTUAL FUCKING NEWS
  • veryweirdguy - July 21, 2010 10:34 p.m.

    Looks to be taken down, I can't find it on their site. Maybe they realised the error of their ways.
  • NearNRiver - July 21, 2010 10:36 p.m.

    No respect shown by Daily Star for any party involved, IMO. (including RockStar)
  • Thuperman - July 21, 2010 10:49 p.m.

    I wonder what rockstar would have to say about this
  • Axcleblade - July 21, 2010 10:55 p.m.

    But they found an image on the internet! It MUST be true!
  • jamesdix - July 21, 2010 11:10 p.m.

    This is sick,vile,wrong and heartless NEVER in any circumstances should they make a game about raoul moat he was a haertless bastard who felt no sympathy as he killed and killed and killed innocent civiliians >:( i tell you now if they dare to make a book,game or movie about Mr.moat then i will stand up and say "no more" and i will start a petition to cancel how can people think he's a hero?! :S it's so bloody wrong!! i have no sympathy i'm glad he's dead for all i know he can BURN IN HELL!!!
  • atroublingabsenceofbadgers - July 21, 2010 11:17 p.m.

    Look at that shitty cover. What the hell? Also, jamesdix, read the article. Y'might learn something
  • JosefMotley - July 21, 2010 11:18 p.m.

    ridic. a very similar image has been floating round the internet for about a week and they've blatantly just edited it slightly. tabloids have really gone too far this time... and i bet gamers still will get shouted down if we try and bring this up in our defence in the next C+VG VS Alan Titchmarsh style grilling where again we are accused of being in love with sensationalist violence, when in actual fact it's the media's love of that which has done ALL the damage so far and continued to muddy and distort the issue way out of proportion. good day, sirs! (sweeps chessboard off the table and goes off in search of duelling glove)
  • jamesdix - July 21, 2010 11:24 p.m.

    atroublingabsenceofbadgers i have read the article i'm just saying what i think :)
  • TheSpanishAnnounceTable - July 21, 2010 11:29 p.m.

    But, The Daily Star NEVER Scare-monger OR Make up Lies all signs point towards this being a Christmas 2010 Must Buy hahaha But in all Seriousness i agree with Superkev45 just ignore them its just tabloid newspapers looking to Demonize video games As Per Usual
  • Felixthecat - July 21, 2010 11:34 p.m.

    The Daily Star is the poorest possible excuse for a newspaper anyway. Same goes for The Sun Ah, how I love my countries media and how it lies pointlessly.

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