RAGE cards, recipes, schematics and Authority Drones guide

Wandering the Wasteland gathering schematics, collecting cards, and blowing up Authority Drones is rough. We make it easy

Authority Drone Locations


Butterfly in the sky: You can find this drone just north of the Hagar settlement. There are two drones close together and this one is the drone under the highway. It can be hit by angle jumping towards it off the base of the highway pillar.

Beginners Jump: This is located to the north, just outside the Hagar Settlement. It is the second of the two drones located there and can be hit by a simple launch going south off the rocky platform beside it.

Tiger Jump: Just East of Wellspring this drone will be sitting atop a ramp in the middle of the canyon path. A simple run up the ramp with hit it.

I Think I Can: Just past the Tiger Jump, there will be a ramp on the left side that will cross over the canyon with this drone in the middle. Launch across with some boost and you’ll nab it. Landing safely on the other side is optional.

Mini Gap Jump: This can be found to the North of Wellspring on the way to the Scorcher Territory. Launch off the ramp on the left side of the canyon and you’ll get this without issue.

Leap of Faith: Head North to Scorcher territory and you’ll come to the Highways outside the Dead City entrance. Head up the first highway entrance and launch off the end to get this.

Dedicated: Head to the North Tower and just outside the entrance to it. Launch of the rock towards the highway to the North and you’ll have yourself another drone down.

Highway Hop: Take the left side of the highway from the North Tower to leave Scorcher territory heading east and jump off the dead end to get this.

Science Makes You Crazy: This drone can be found high to the right of Dr. Kvasir’s place. Drive up the highway to the Northern Tower and make a leap off the cliff face going southeast to hit it.

In the Basket: A few yards east of the gate you blow up near the start of the game, there is a crater with a drone over it. Take a run from the south side and you’ll nail it easily.

Crazy: Just outside Crazy Joes shack, there is a drone to the south. You’ll need to launch off a rock that is on the path to Crazy Joes to hit it.

East Wasteland

Gimme: When you exit the Subway town, just head directly north and you will come to it. Circle around the cliff it is just off of and lunch yourself towards Subway Town to hit it.

Bunny Hop: Head due West into Gearhead territory and it will be accessible from launching off the highway in the left hand lane.

Over the Hill: This drone is located right beside the Bunny Hop drone, but to get it, you need to take the right lane of the highway and launch off the road signs that form a ramp.

In the Gears: This drone can be found directly to the left of the entrance to the Power Plant. A simple launch off the platform there will nab it.

Shock and Awe: This drone is located to the right of the entrance to the power plant. Simply drive up the cliff and do a quick burst off the edge to get it.

Off the Dune: When you blow the generators on the bridge, you will then be able to access the Authority zone. This drone is to the right of the base at the far end and can be nailed by ramping off the hill to the south of it.

Near the Heart: After you explode the generators on the ridge and are able to enter Authority Territory, go across the bridge and head to the far, far right. This last drone will be on the right side and you will be able to launch off the cliff face to hit it and get your reward.

Schematic and Recipe Locations

Bandages: The first schematic that you come across is for the bandages. To get this, you’ll need to visit the Outriggers station and talk to Janus. When you do, she will give you a mission to find Juno and upon completion, she will give you the recipe.

Adrenaline Overdrive: After you speak with Ramos at the Outrigger station, he will give you a simple quest to light off some fireworks. Once you complete this and return to him, he will give you the schematic.

Lock Grinder: One of the more useful items throughout the game, the Lock Grinder schematic can be gained from Johan at the Outrigger station. Complete the Missing Parts mission he gives you and he will reward you with this upon your return.

Wingsticks: This schematic can be bought from the shop in the Hagar settlement. Go to the center of the settlement and walk down the ramp to find the store there.

Apophis Infusion: When you are in Wellspring, speak to Richard in the saloon to get the Miracle Cure quest. Head over to Crazy Joe’s area to grab the plant needed and return it to Richard to acquire the recipe.

RC Car Bomb: During your time in Wellspring, you will get a mission –Destroy Bomb Caches- from Sheriff Black to go to the Shrouded Bunker and destroy the RC Bomb car manufacturing. Once this mission is complete, the plans are all yours and will come in handy later on.

Turret Sentry: This schematic is available in Wellspring in the Outfitter shop from Coffer.

Sentry Bot: This schematic is available in Wellspring in the Outfitter shop from Coffer.

Fat Mommas: This schematic is available in Wellspring in the Outfitter shop from Coffer.

Pop Rockets: This schematic is available in Wellspring in the Outfitter shop from Coffer.

Advanced RC Bomb Car: To get this schematic, you’ll need to visit the job board in Wellspring and accept the Proposition mission. Visit Phallinx Hagar in the Hagar settlement and he will send you on your way. After you return to Phallinx, you will receive the schematic.

Mind Control Bolts: After you complete The Well area, you will get a Ghost Toxin that you need to take to Dr. Kvasir. After speaking to him, he will give you the bolts. Talk to Elizabeth afterwards and you will get the schematic.

EMP Grenade: Once inside the Authority Prison, you will come across a morgue type room before you can continue on any further. Then you enter the authority prison, it is on a table in the morgue room across from where you enter. On a table in the center of the room will be the schematic and some Feltrite Power Packs.

Advanced Sentry Turret: This schematic can be purchased from Jani’s shop in Subway Town.

Advanced Wingstick: This schematic can be purchased from Jani’s shop in Subway Town.

Advanced Sentry Bot: This schematic can be purchased from Jani’s shop in Subway Town.

Dynamite Bolts: This schematic can be purchased from Jani’s shop in Subway Town.

Authority Augmentor: To get this schematic, you will need to talk to Lassard (the dude in the off-roading chair) in the Resistance Base where you first arrive after leaving Wellspring with Marshall, and then grab the schematic from the other side of the console, in front of Portman.

Regenerator Infusion: For this final schematic, you will need to talk to Dietrich who is located in a room behind Jani’s shop in Subway Town. When you do, he will ask you to go on a mission to the Abandoned Distillery. When you return, he will give you the recipe.

Oct 14, 2011