Psychonauts hopes destroyed

Oct 24, 2007

Tim Schafer has shot down hopes of a new Psychonauts project in response to speculation that such was in the pipeline.

Yesterday,gossip kicked offabout a potential new game - or the possibility of a Wii version of Psychonauts - following the appearance of a mystery Psychonauts image on the projects section of Double Fine's website that had "Coming Soon" stamped on it.

"Man, who knew how much excitement a little darkness could bring?" Schafer toldNext Generationwhen queried about what the image implied.

"The truth is," he continued, "we are just putting together a new page about 'The Excellent Game Psychonauts.'

"We're not announcing any new games or anything. Sorry if we confused anybody! We lightened up the image to hopefully make things clearer."

Courtesy of CVG.