Pre-E3 06: Just Cause

One mission, for example, has you taking out a drug lord that's visiting San Esperito. You could hijack a car and just run the dude's limousine off the road, but c'mon... we've all done that before. It's so much cooler to grab a single-prop plane, fly it over the drug lord's convoy and dive out, landing right behind him in his cronies' armored, gun-toting truck. If you're quick, you can even take a look into the sky and see the unmanned plane slowly falling back towards the ground.

Yeah, that might be a little overkill, but it's your call. Another mission we saw was more traditional (blowing up stockpiles of illegal weapons), but when you're doing it in a rocket-launching, stealth speedboat, even rehashed gameplay starts to seem cooler.

Just Cause is coming this fall for PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC. There'll be 28 main missions to complete, but Eidos says there will be a wealth of side-missions to take care of in between the big jobs. Cool, we were getting tired of tooling around in dirty American cities anyway.