PokemonRadar: week three

Ready for another batch of Pokemon? This week we've got five, and a brand new movie (click the Movies tab above to catch a glimpse.)

On the general Pokemon news front, thanks to this week's release of Pokemon Ranger on the Nintendo DS, we've learned the proper US name of the Shinou Region is actually the "Sinnoh Region." We'll keep you abreast of any more new information about the US versions of Diamond and Pearl as it's made available.

Let's get to it! This week, we're picking up where we left off last week and will investigate the evolved forms oflast week's line-up. With the first batch of dual-stage Pokemon out of the way, next week we'll look at four Pokemon with three evolutionary stages.

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Biidaru
Type: Normal / Water
Classification: Beaver
Pokedex Number: 014 Sinnoh / 400 National
Abilities: Simple-minded - Effects of held items and attacks are increased. Natural - Enemy's stat changes are ignored.
Location Found: Various
Useful Attacks: Super Fang

Biidaru is the evolved form of Bippa, and gains a secondary type in the process. The new tail and the added Water type helps make Biidaru the perfect HM Pokemon, allowing it to use Surf along with just about everything else. In its higher levels, Biidaru learns some impressive Normal-type attacks to use itself, and to breed into other, more powerful Pokemon species.