PokemonRadar: week one

Welcome to the first installment of GamesRadar's new weekly feature, PokemonRadar. Every week - for a long, long time - we'll take a detailed look at a handful of the new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon, until we're done. We'll highlight them with screens and sizzling movies that show off their special abilities.

Today we'll be starting off the feature just like you'd be starting off your adventure in the Shinou region - with the three starter Pokemon.

Pokemon Name: Naetoru
Type: Grass
Classification: Shoot Pokemon
Pokedex Number: 001 Shinou / 387 National
Ability: Overgrow - Increases strength of Grass-type moves in a pinch.
Location Found: Starter Pokemon
Useful Attacks: Razor Leaf

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl's Grass starter is one of the most popular of the new Pokemon introduced.

Naetoru's vacant stare and cute looks belie its power - of the starters, Naetoru learns stronger attacks faster than the others, and its Physical and Special potentials are balanced, giving it a variety of moves it can use effectively. Additionally, Naetoru can learn the Dark-type Bite attack early on, making it a handy dispatcher of Psychic and Ghost-type Pokemon.