PokémonRadar, Week 19

English Name: Mantyke
Japanese Name: Tamanta
Type: Water / Flying
Classification: Kite
Pokédex Number: 140 Sinnoh / 458 National
Ability: Swift Swim - Increases speed when raining; Water Absorb - Heals when hit by Water-type attacks
Location Found: Bred from Mantine, while holding the Small Wave incense
Useful Attacks: Water Pulse

One doesn't usually think of mantas are being cute, but Mantyke is definitely the exception. This little flying fish inhabits the waters leading to the Elite Four's Victory Road, and are few and far between, so be sure to catch it if you ever see one. Mantine, Mantyke's evolved form, is famous for the Remoraid clinging to its fin. As such, for Mantyke to evolve, it must simply level up while you're carrying a Remoraid, and the fusion and evoltion will be complete.