Pokemon Money Shots

Pokemon Battle Revolution is barely a game. It's a hollow shell that you're supposed to fill with your own Pokemon from games you've already spent hundreds of hours on. Basically, the game exists only so you can battle Pokemon on Wii, in 3D, and marvel at the GameCube-level visuals. In other words, it's extremely boring to play for any length of time.

We had to endure PBR for countless hours so that our massively coolPokedex could have updated 3D screens of all 493 critters. After spending all that time staring at the bafflingly diverse creatures, taking screens of each and every one of them, our minds began to melt into rainbow-colored glop, and we started to see things that no person was meant to see - we swear we saw Pokemon caught in the throes of hot Poke-love.

When each Pokemon faints, it makes a face that's supposed to be pain or surprise. But some... some come out all wrong. Kiddies beware - we're descending into steamy Poke-madness.

Electrike's clearly excited about mating season. We're sure that's supposed to a leg sticking out, but even after rubbing our eyes and dunking our heads in ice-cold Halo 3 Mountain Dew, we still couldn't shake the image of something hugely inappropriate for a kids' game.