PlayStation Vita: The Complete Launch Guide is live now on Apple Newsstand

Everything you need to know about Sony's beautiful new handheld

PlayStation Vita is finally out around the world. We've got ours, but perhaps you still need convincing that it's the machine for you? Well, you're in luck. Official PlayStation Magazine UK, PSM3 and Gamesmaster have all teamed up to create PlayStation Vita: The Complete Launch Guide, giving you all the facts and opinion you need to make up your mind.

Above: A special magazine for a special machine

Unlike many magazines on the Newsstand, this offering features embedded video. That means even if you're not connected to the net, you can watch all the video clips, which are downloaded as part of the package. The special also contains a complete A-Z of the Vita’s functions, hands-on with the hardware, 20 pro user tech tips, a useful FAQ and reviews of the launch lineup.

It's all yours for a mere £1.49 from within the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Gamesmaster or PSM3 container Apps on the Apple Newsstand.


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