PlayStation All-Stars coming to Vita according to resume


According to a LinkedIn resume of someone who says they're working on the project, the upcoming Sony brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, will be coming to the PlayStation Vita.

Originally spotted by The Gaming Liberty, the rumor concerns the resume of Sony sound designer Robert Krekel, which lists "Sound Designer - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3, Vita) as his current project.

As of now that's still not a confirmation. This could still be a simple mistake, but these rumors do tend to end up being correct in the end. So while a resume mistake is certainly possible, right now it seems unlikely. Especially given that Sony would obviously want to support their new console with this fan-service superstar-laden romp.

Hankering after more of the stories, news and possible truths that might shape this year's E3? Then head over to our E3 rumours compendium page. It's being updated constantly between now and the show.

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  • Braken67 - May 23, 2012 3:27 p.m.

    I'm really excited about these news and everything, I think it will make the game that much better. I do have a concern though, and it's not with the game but rather with the people judging the game. a lot of you people are judging the game and haven't even played it yet.remember the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover"? well apply it here and give the game a chance before speaking bad about it.not all games are perfect and even in your favorite game there will be something that annoys you, possibly something you don't agree with. That's not really gonna take away from you loving the game. keep in mind that the game is still in development and many things are subject to change. and so far you've only seen a trailer, some gameplay footage and comments from one of the developers. If you ever played God of War 3 (demo) you will remember that in that part of the game you had the nemean cestus and in the final game you had the Hades hooks (in that particular part) and it made the game that much better. Now I would really recommend you think about this: -this could be the main mode, BUT THERE MIGHT BE OTHERS (maybe a stock mode) -the only reason you dislike this game is because the only other game to be like this one is Super Smash Bros, so you immediately start to compare. If I was to choose god of war I could compare it to bayonetta, devil may cry, darksiders and others and thus I could chose which is better, what I like about this one over the other, etc. -you base your dislike of the game because of super smash brothers success and the fact that there is no other game like it (yet) -you haven't played, you haven't seen more footage, you haven't seen all the characters. imagine if sora or riku were in the game? it would instantly make it that much better right? -you're overlooking the things smash does or has wrong. melee was much faster, some characters inf brawl were overpowered (metaknight, maybe Ike, etc). you have a bunch of mario, zelda, and pokemon characters. some characters you don't even use. - if you think about it we have call of duty, we also have battlefield, but we also have a whole lot of games trying to copy it. if you say this game is copying smash bros, then I could say a lot of games are copying each other mutually and that's how we have a gaming industry. we have a lot of RPGs, fighting, action, adventure, stealth and a whole bunch of games. up till now there is only one game you could consider a brawler (smash bros) and we are now just seeing another one. maybe we could see one of only sega, final fantasy, capcom, dc, marvel, etc. It could be good I guess Now don't get me wrong: I like smash and I think it is a must have title. It's very entertaining and everything but I do think you should give the game a try before you come up with complains. you might end up liking it and remember that many of the features of the game "ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE". so it could get a lot better. sometimes I feel fans are like drug addicts: if you want heroin you seek heroin and you'll only be satisfied with heroin hahahaha. give the game a fair try before saying bad stuff people, you just might be wrong about the game :)

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